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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Flirting with Temptations...Beginnings

Her Beginnings…
Monica is standing in the Executive Suite office located at the top floor of the building with Senior Chief Executive Jonathan Perry. This time was usually reserved for their noon time quickies before she headed back to her office. A secret affair that only the two of them knew about had went on for years before things got too heated up between them. Given the fact, that the suite was the only office on the floor and you had to be the Chief Executive to even get keys to the floor was perfect. This allowed for them to be alone with no witnesses, no nosy co-workers to go and spread her dirty little secrets all around the office. The only person who they were hurting the most was; Jonathan’s wife Adele. But this little tidbit didn’t bother Monica at all. She stood in front of him while he stared out of his office window admiring the scenery.
“Heelloo Mr. Perry how are you doing today?” Monica says flirtatiously.
He turns around in his chair to walk over towards Monica.
“Why hello, Monica, might I say you are looking awfully sexy today? You know you have the sexiest legs on any woman I’ve seen.” Jon says as he reaches out for a hug from Monica.
“I missed you today Mr. Perry. Your assistant needs her daily dose of you.” Monica answers.
“I know, I know. I missed you today too.” He replies as he places his hands around her soft firm body. He runs his hands along the sides of Monica’s hips as he pushes her against the wall. Jon plants several kisses on her neck before he undoes his pants and lifts up her skirt. He then grabs her legs and wraps them around his body and enters Monica slowly. Tighter and tighter, Monica holds onto Jon strongly as he thrust vigorously inside. He knows his affair with Monica is wrong and that it has to end at some point. But the free available pussy on the side is hard for any man to turn down. Plus messing around with Monica relieved a lot of stress and tension that he felt being CEO of the company. 
Their casual sexual affairs were sometimes the highlight of Monica’s workday. What started off as being his part-time assistant temp back in college when she was only an intern with the company; has turned into a full-time position not only with Shears & Perry marketing but with her supervisor as well. Her plan was full proof she’d have the corporate job along with a little dick on the side. What could go wrong? She saw no wrong in that.  Monica became overcome with pleasure as her juices flowed like a river cascading down her thighs. Again, he did it right, pleasing her to the fullest extent. This is a job he does exceptionally well many times. Monica knew she never wanted this moment to end.
“Shit, I have to tell you something Monica.” Jon informed her as he leaned against his desk to button his pants.
“What, what is it?” She questioned as she sat in front of him on the floor with her legs spread wide.
“You know I enjoy being with you. It’s been a nice several years but I can’t keep doing this Monica. I can’t do this anymore.” He tells her.
“What the hell do you mean you can’t do this anymore? You can’t do what anymore? Work with me? Fuck me...what?!”
“Both, actually Monica, I don’t feel too good about this. I never felt good about this.”
“You don’t feel too good about this…well you weren’t thinking about that when you were fucking me. We’ve been seeing each other since you hired me into this company almost ten years ago.” Monica argues rising to her feet.
“Yes, Monica I know. You are a very qualified marketing exec, that’s why I promoted you to that position. I just don’t want word to get out about us. Trust me, that wouldn’t do anything for either of our reputations. Besides I think my wife maybe starting to suspect something and I’d hate for her to find out and try to hurt you.”
“It seems as if you’re trying to blow me off.” Monica pouts.
“Don’t look at it that way. I’m not just leaving you. I’m leaving this office and going to work in San Francisco. My wife got a job offer and I’d be managing this firm over there. This is my last day.” Jon tries to console as he reaches for Monica to sit on his lap.
“Look what we had was fun sweetie but all things must come to an end. You are a senior marketing exec now focus on that.”
“How long did you know that you were leaving?”
“Does it really matter? I’m telling you now.” Jon states.
“How long Jonathan?”
“Six weeks…”
“Six weeks! You knew you were leaving a month ago and didn’t tell me? You were just going to keep “screwing with me” until you got what it is you wanted, huh?” Monica shouts.
“Calm down, it’s really not as serious as you are making it out to be Ms. Clayton. You will still have your job and if you work hard in a year or two you too may become CEO of this firm.”
“Oh that’s it huh, we’re back to formal titles now? It was all good until you got bored because your dick started to get a fucking conscience? Where the hell was that conscience when you had me work long nights just to be bent over your desk taking it up the ass-!” Monica yells as she gets up and walks over to the door.
“MONICA!” He yells as he pounds his fist on the table.
“That is enough I am still your superior!” Jon walks over to Monica and whispers in her ear a lesson that she could take with her for life.
“You need to realize in this world when you lie down and open your legs to a married man that he deems you as just that, “open legs and free pussy” get over it. You did it to yourself, Monica. Now, I’d like for you to leave while you still have your job left.” Jon says as he opens the door for her. Frustrated and a little embarrassed Monica gathers her belongings and walks out of the office.
She couldn’t believe Jonathan has just played her like that. How could he just fuck her over so many years then just toss her to the side as if she is a piece of meat? Although, he did have a point when you present yourself as a woman who gives it up so easily you can’t expect men to maintain any respect and dignity for you; especially if you have none to give to yourself. Sadly, this incident stayed with Monica and hurt her more than she thought which sent her on a downward spiral of meaningless affairs. 


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