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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Plague-Sometimes Look can kill

Chapter 1 (Unleashed-It Begins)

My Warning

Hello, it’s nice to meet you. How are you? My name is Jeffrey Willis but I sometimes go by the
alias of Harold Ian Victor. I’ll tell you more about that later. I don’t need to tell you everything
about me, I’m sure you don’t care anyway. But I will tell you what you want to know. I am a
young man of about twenty two years of age. I am extremely good looking, extremely! And no I
am not just being cocky or conceited. I’ve been told by several women and a few guys as a
matter of fact. I am a chocolate brown with deep dark eyes. I drive a nice car and make a nice
amount of money. 
Women love to buy me things and do whatever with me. I don’t stop them
cause hell what man wouldn’t like that shit. But where some women usually fail with me, they
don’t focus on the inside. All women see when they are with me is this fine as face and how I
pleasure them. I am an addiction to most. Once I get inside you I never leave. You are stuck with
me forever. I don’t mind at first but after a few years I start to do damage to the body and tear
down the morality of your soul and self –esteem. No one wants to live with me but yet they
won’t protect themselves from me. Do I feel bad about what I do to people; HELL NO! 
People are responsible for their own actions. We are a part of an ignorant society where carelessness
reigns supreme. We play ourselves repeatedly just for an hour or two of satisfaction that we
don’t care about the repercussions of our actions. I remember this one saying I heard, “If looks
could kill.” I laugh at the mere thought. Because sometimes they just do!

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