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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Flirting with Temptations

 A group of females are sitting around the lunch table while they are on their break. Monica Clayton is twisting her fork into her pasta chicken salad. She sits across from her best friend Rachel Moore and two other co-workers. As they are discussing important topics of the day, a male co-worker Keith Jackson walks past the ladies.
Now that man is oh so fine! I mean dark chocolate fine! Ooh!” Monica says excitedly.
"Huh, un-uh, now you know that Keith is married!” Rachel answers.
"Um, is that suppose to stop me?! I’ve always wanted Keith. Simple little things like a man’s marital status don’t bother me.” “You know you really are something else!!! You are going to get yourself burned one day messing with all of these married men. You know the dirt you do will somehow catch up to you.”

"Rachel, Rachel, Rachel, sweetie will you calm down please!! It’s just some clean innocent fun.”
Yeah, until someone gets hurt...” Rachel adds turning her head.

"Whatever!” Monica says laughing it off as she rises from the table and makes her way over to Keith.
"What in the world is wrong with that girl?!” Tina, another senior marketing exec asks."
"Girl, she’s always been like that…since college! She doesn’t listen to me; doesn’t listen to me at all.”
Monica is standing by the copy machine making idle chitchat while Keith is making photo copies for his next report.
 "Oh hey Monica, you look nice today.”"
"Thanks, Keith, see you are getting ready for that Tide Reach ad campaign.”
“Yeah, you know you’re really good at strategizing and coming up with new plans for these team members. Maybe one day you and I should work together.”
“Yeah most definitely.” She says flirtatiously while we all know that Monica has other interior motives in mind.