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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Midnight Rain-When the game gets you caught up-you have to catch the game up.

Chapter 1

Wrong Turn

One late rainy night I remember coming back from seeing a film with my brother Jonathan we decided to

take a short cut down a street. But what we saw would change our lives forever. As we continued

down the street we started to hear swearing and the sounds of someone being punched. I just knew

this wasn’t about to be pretty. As much as we tried to walk away from it, we just couldn’t, it was as if

we were just frozen in fear. The man’s deep voice dominated over the woman’s small quaint voice.

“What did I tell you about having my money? This is the second time this shit has happened? Do

you think I am playing with you, trick?! I will kill yo’ ass.” the man said.

“I’m sorry ‘Chadron, but I had to feed my kid, plus I had to pay my rent this week!”

“How in the fuck is that my problem?! I let that shit slide the first time. But this time I might have to

teach your ass a lesson!!”

“NO, I’m sorry; I’ll make it up tonight! I promise!”

“NO, I’m afraid this is the last time, you gon mess with my money. Let this be the last time you fuck with

Chadron!” He said pulling out a gun from his side and letting the trigger go off. Once we saw this we

turned to run for our lives. We didn’t want to be a part of what would happen next. But apparently, the

guy heard us because the next thing I knew he was hot on our trails. We thought to take a short cut

down the alley. It was already dark and as if you could tell this wasn’t the best neighborhood to be in

especially at this time of night. No one out but prostitutes, pimps and crack heads looking for hits. Just

when we thought we were in the clear he jumped right in front of us. We damn near pissed ourselves.

Jonathan stood in front of me just in case the man wearing a purple silk outfit that shined against the

street light tried to attack us.

“Where the hell y’all think y’all going?”

“Look man, we don’t want any trouble. We are just trying to get home.” My brother said.

I could tell he was terrified beyond belief because he’s a pretty tight muscle bond dude. So, for him to

be scared we knew this wasn’t good.

“What did y’all see?”

“Oh man, we didn’t see anything.”

“Bull-shit, if y’all say anything to the police, I’ll blast y’all like I did that trick ass bitch! Do you understand


“Yeah man, we hear you. We hear you loud and clear!”

“And just and case you think I’m playing!” He said as he fired one bullet straight into the air! At that

moment we turned and ran the hell away. I think we ran all the way home that night.

The Next Day

I woke up around ten in the morning. I couldn’t sleep at all that night. All I could think of is that horrible

pimp and that poor, poor woman. I felt so sorry for her and her child. I walked downstairs to see my

brother Jonathan preparing breakfast. I just didn’t know how he and I would get through this. I just

wish I could get over it. What could we do?! We were threatened to silence so telling the police was

out. But on the other hand, a woman’s life was taken at the hands of this jerk. We were stuck between

a rock and a hard place. What could we do?

“Thanks, Jonathan.” I said grabbing my plate and sitting at the table across from him.

“How did you sleep?” He asked.

“I didn’t. I couldn’t get that murder out my head. I can’t believe…I mean what can we do. I’m too afraid

to go to the police. But we can’t just let that woman’s murder go unreported.”

“I know the way that guy spoke to me. It’s a moment I’ll never forget that day. His eyes burned holes in

my retinas and pierced right into my soul. I ain’t usually scared too easily but once you’ve seen a 230lb

man with a loaded gun pop it off on someone you have seen it all.

“I think we need to go to the police anyway Jon. I just can’t live with this on my conscience.” I stated as

I swallowed my blueberry pancakes and shuffled my scrambled eggs around on my plate.

“I mean it’s just not that easy Rochelle.” He says as he turns to stare out the window. “You didn’t see

the way he looked at me. He said he would kill us if we told anybody ‘Chelle.”

“So can you honestly sit here and let this go?! What if it were I out there? Wouldn’t you want someone

to tell you if your loved one died? Who are you more afraid of him or GOD? Cause he’s the one you’re

going to have to answer to.” I said as I got up and left the kitchen. I just couldn’t live with this on my

conscience anymore. Something had to be done. Jonathan and I weren’t sure if we were going to go to

the police as of yet about this but to ease my own pain I think it’s alright to share with you the

uncovering of this tragic tell. So, as you may already know the woman was a prostitute who needed to

make some money to pay her pimp which is already sad enough in itself. But since, the situation touches

so close to home I will tell you everything that I know. It all started just two years ago…

Chapter 2

It All Falls Down

Now, I may be wrong but from what I know the woman’s name is Danielle Turner. She is about twenty

four years old. She is a mother of a young six year old girl and works as a consultant at a printing

company. It is a day like any other as her and Desmond argues over parental duties.

Danielle walks out of the house following Desmond as he begins down the street.

“Desmond! Desmond, are you going to walk out on me and Caely like that seriously?!”

“You trip too much. I can’t deal with your constant bitching and nagging.”

“I wouldn’t have to if you would just do what you have to do as a man! I don’t ask for much but for at

least fifty dollars a week to take care of your daughter.” Danielle yelled as neighbors started to turn

their heads to see what all the commotion was about.

“Why? You got a job don’t you? Why the hell I got to give you money when you already got money?

And do you have to be so loud got the neighbors looking at us and shit, damn!”

“I don’t care about that Desmond. I need you to step up to the plate and be a damn father. Yes, I have

a job but I need to pay bills, rent and food for her. I didn’t lie down by myself and I don’t want to raise

her by myself, come on Desmond.”

“Danielle! What do you want me to do? I’m bending over backwards trying to get out here and find a

job but ain’t nobody hiring. I’m tired of hearing your constant bickering all of the time. You act like my


“If you were a man, you wouldn’t need a mother. Don’t you care about Caely? If you don’t want to do it

for me, at least do it for Caely, she needs you”

“I ain’t got time for all this. I’m too young to be tied down. I’m sorry but I can’t do this anymore.”

“You can’t do what anymore?! You can’t do what anymore Desmond?!”

“I can’t do this anymore!!! Tell Caely, I love her but I just can’t do this anymore. I’m sorry Danielle.” He

said as he turned to continue down the street. Danielle couldn’t believe that the father of her child just

walked out of her life and the life of her six year old daughter Caely. She was devastated, truly

devastated, Danielle walked back into the house and shut the door. Sitting on the couch she just broke

down crying. What could she do at this point; her job was barely making enough to put food on the

table. Reminiscing, on old memories of her and Desmond in high school when things were good, heaven

knows if she knew he’d do this she’d pick a better guy to be with. But she had to face reality; she had a

mouth to feed and a dead beat father along with a yearly income of $15,000. Something had to be

done and it had to be done quickly

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